Friday, June 26, 2009

hehehe after being absent for a while

hey what's up..hahahaha
mo ngenalin nih khusus buat orang indo yang butuh duit

cuman modal 180ribu ama cari orang supaya bisa dapet duit ampe 5M..ya ga usa muluk2 5M,,bbrp juta pun kan juga uda lumayan..ini uda terbukti sih..buat iseng2 an aja..seru kok..ama ini ga merugikan sapa2.masuk akal pula.beneran deh cobain cek web ini gw ga boong
lu daftar di sana,,trus transfer 180rb rp,,lu dapet akses e-book ama cari2 orang buat join itu jg...ntar klo ada yang bingung2 ato gimana TEXT me here! gw jelasin! hahahaha seru oi..untuk nambah2 duit.......

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hey what's up guys..

Voila..C'est Bobby! What's up? It's been a while I have never expressed my life into this blank =D

First of all, I'd like to wish you all Merry Christmast! Thank to the Lord as His guidance and everything to me, I AM ABLE TO FINISH MY HIGHER DIPLOMA WHICH WAS TAKEN 2 YEARS with a "proudable" result, VHP! yay!

Second, I CAN'T BE PATIENT ANYMORE TO WAIT 14 JANUARY COMES, the moment when all of us will depart to Bali island enjoying our HOlidAe.. Hope that this holiday would be the greatest holiday EVER, to end our "struggle" as a student of higher diploma as well as to begin our new challenge as a student of Bachelor's Degree...!

Third, It is 3.09 am! and I am freakin
See ya in the next blog!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Trial exam has done!

Hey..what's up guys..
It's been a while without new blog, huh?

It's 6:03 am now, I haven't slept yet as this week was a busy and horrible week. My life was reversed.. Night life into Afternoon and vice versa.



I did never sleep well during this entire week, everyday sleep only 2-3 hours because I needed to study to get an expected result!

TIS --> F&B Management was okay, Culinary Arts was not too bad (means it's bad!!!),
WELL DONE for Purchasing..yay!

HMCS --> I could do the calculation, but I've surrendered for memorizing subjects which are SALES & Marketing as well as HR! Goddamn...

Applied Science --> DIE..really had no idea and hotel engineering was even worse, none of the questions that I understand and know the answer.

Malay Oral and Listening --> okay..

Genie Culinarire --> I've got some critics =(. Those are foods are cold, broccoli hasn't cooked yet, chickens are too dry. Arrgghh!!!

Workshops --> hhmm sales negotiation was okay because the jury was Ms Linda who is my tutor and she's still new to be an exam jury. Realization of technique was horrible, I got 0 for grooming because I didn't shave, same thing goes to workshop 4 which is Control and Evaluation! Animation and Organization was ngam ngam, but Mr Khoirul told me to be more confidence and not to be so nervous, some improvement are strictly required.

Overall,,my trial exam wasn't really good I think.
Let's see on Tuesday at 5pm onward. By that time, I will have known how my performances of trial exam were like...


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

life after TIS...

There is no different in my life before and after T.I.S period. IT IS STILL STRESSFULL....

Recently,,there are some problems appeared in my life suddenly.. it's still happening now and hasn't reached the "end" yet..

Arrgghh...what should I do? I just want all to be normal again.. Do I have to pray? yes i do pray everynight..sometimes i forgot though..hehehe either i was too sleepy till can not tahan..or i forgot... but mostly was due to i was too sleepy and tired..

one more thing, I met the student service manager this afternoon. She's quite good to me and especially to my mom because first time in malaysia,we met her and she helped us to arrange everything..hihiih..

I ask her about the tuition fee, and she says that the tuition fee was RM30,000!!! follow the new one. I was like..oh my God..and no more scholarship, there is a possibility to deduct that fee, and the maximum is only about 5% which is RM? 1500 only... DAMN IT.. CEPEK TIAO...SATOS JETI...alias SERATUS JUTA!!!

That makes me to reconsider again whether i'll take it or not..
Will God give me the answer????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sunday, November 16, 2008

have you guys known about this accident that just happened 2 days ago?
One malaysian working in Singapore Zoo as a cleaner was attacked by 2 white tigers! damn it...

he was bitten on his neck and suffered fractured skull... pity him! and...he had been dead before the police came... may you are happy in there! Amen..!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

aaaaaRRRggggHHH je suis tres fatigue!!!!!

do you know why?

1. Why does this college implement new format starting my batch? Not only new format for damn fuckin TIS, but also the final exam!!!!!!

2. It is usual that "what you pay what you get" but it doesn't work for Taylor's.. We pay so much, we don't get what we deserve! For example, industrial training,,
Shit..I can't forget every single word that the fuckin lady in charge of industrial training that moment said... "You can go to Australia, you can go to Maldives, yeah we have some students who's done their industrial training in Maldives, you can go anywhere you want"
What the fuck was she talking about? That's bullshit..Am i correct? Correct me if i'm wrong..

3. Taylor's is located in Malaysia.. Having time in Malaysia for studying is the most stupid mistake I've ever done ! However, luckily I have some friends here who are really GREAT for me.haha

4. Taylor's starts implementing new format to our batch, BUT they don't start moving to new campus starting our batch, EVEN they will start moving to new campus when we will be going to leave this COLLEGE as WE will have been graduated that time! DAmn it..

5. Six terms will be useless if we fail in the final exam, as the determination(bener g seh determination..hahah not sure la..) whether we will graduate or not based on the final exam! Final exam contains 100%!!!!! WTF... 2 year we;ve been studying will be judged only in 1 week time? AARGGHH...

Ahhh.... It's useless to talk about Taylor's bad thing as Rice has become porridge. I can't turn the time back..I have to face what i have to face..

Okay,,5 days to go for TIS's submission..I need to go back to my routine recently which is DOING TIS!


Monday, November 10, 2008

anything about most of our current problem faced which is Ti aI eS....damn it!

yeah yeah usual, i would like to talk something regarding TIS..
It is getting closer and closer to the deadline..1 week to go! 6 days exactly..

Today,, I woke up at 1.30 pm , damn it I missed french class again.. Hoi this is term 6, term that will determine you all whether you will get Higher Diploma or not!

anyway, after chef chong class which was really damn fuckin boring, I was meeting my tutor to talk about this "skripsi".. and AGAIN, she was questioning me a lot and I couldn't answer all of them as I really didn't have idea about it. Can you imagine? In a month, she was expecting like we have to know and understand everything.. how could it be? one month only woy! Do you think in a month there would be a lot of cases? Could we observe deeply only in 1 month period of time? Are you kidding? IF THERE WERE, why did people need years to obtain high level position in a hotel? Yeah, of course we need some time to get the experiences..

anyway,, TIS makes me sick...TIS makes me down..TIS makes me DIE!
hahaha... but thanks to malacca,,she has contributed some ideas to me which was really helpful..!! hihi..

Last but not least,, I have a poem.."pantun" exactly..hahaha for damn fuckin TIS

Satu dua tiga dan empat
Lima enam tujuh dan delapan
TIS memang keparat
tutornya pun ga bisa diandalkan....

bye bye..ciaooooooooooooo